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Früchte Adam GmbH was founded in 1988 in Cologne, Germany. With more than 30 years of experience, it has rightly achieved a serious place in the fresh fruit and vegetables sector.

From the world to Cologne.
From Cologne to you


An important feature that distinguishes Frucht Adam GmbH from many companies in the industry is the service with its own vehicles.

Every day we deliver hundreds of types of products quickly and of high quality to our customers in Cologne and the surrounding area, as well as in many places in Germany.

Outside of Germany, we also deliver orders from our customers in France and Luxembourg. If the order quantity is sufficient, we can send products to various locations within or outside of Germany. Please contact us for more information.

Fresh and healthy goods

Fruits Adam offers its customers various seasonal fruits and vegetables from various countries throughout the year.

Fruits Vegetables Citrus Melons Exotic Fruits Potatoes & Onions Others



Salads & Herbs


Potatoes & Onions

Exotic Fruits



Product Catalogue

Here are small bunch of hundreds of products in our catalog. Check out our product categories to see all of our products.

12 + products

Seasonal Products

Eat Fresh

Seasonal fruit and vegetables take less time from the field to the plate. This way it preserves its consistency and taste. Here are some of our seasonal recommendations

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